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Meet Sara


Sara Ottoboni

Life, Actions, Confidence

I’m Sara Ottoboni, psychic consultant, spiritual teacher, and certified PLN coach. It is my goal to help you navigate your spiritual journey with ease, customized to your unique needs, and with constant support.


As a mom, wife, spiritual teacher, medium, podcaster and former Serie A basketball player, I define myself as a "citizen of the world." I lived in two continents, four countries and six cities. I speak three languages: Italian, French and English. 


After spending more than a decade around the world as an international student and expat, I started my own business in Montreal (Canada) in spiritual education and spiritual coaching seven years ago. My passion is to work one-to-one with my clients in order to create a meaningful spiritual life.


If you are ready to create your tremendous spiritual success, click here to get started.

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