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Are spirit guides deceased family members or friends?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Can our family members or close friends become spiritual team members after their death? Today we answer a question from a student of my course.

Can your deceased family members or close friends become your spirit guides after their death?

Today we answer this interesting question sent to me by my student. As you well know, I also love to reply through my blog so you can read my answer too.

So can spirit guides be deceased family members or friends? The candid answer to this question is that your family members, deceased friends - as well as your ancestors - may be part of your spiritual team but do not play a major role within your spiritual team.

I'll explain. As I explained in my podcast, you have three types of guides on your spiritual team:

· The Permanent Guide, whom I call "sentinel", who assists us throughout our life. It never abandons you and is always with you every moment of the day. There are two peculiarities that few people know about: the sentinel guide has never incarnated on earth and some people have more than one sentinel guide.

· Temporary Guides, which I call "expert guides" who assist you in moments when you are facing a certain challenge. These guides share their specific knowledge with you to help you overcome this challenge more easily as they have already faced it in the past and are now experts in it.

· Finally, there are the Assistance Guides, which I refer to as "protection guides". They are responsible for protecting and assisting you. In this category I include family members, deceased friends and ancestors.

Are you wondering why deceased relatives, parents, grandparents, family members and friends do not have a more predominant role and "only" have a protective role?

There are two simple reasons:

• To face the challenges of your life and evolve as a soul, you need a strong, determined and experienced spiritual team. Deceased relatives, grandparents, family members and friends are evolving as well as. They have come to earth to learn things they still cannot handle very well. Their soul is going through the same spiritual evolution as you. Temporarily, they have not become experts yet in an area to be able to assist you as an "expert guide". So they are at your side for the moment to provide assistance, protection and as support guides.

• Furthermore, it must be remembered that deceased persons continue their own evolution, and must also deal with their new challenges. So unfortunately, they can't spend a lot of their time supporting you.

Let's recap together

Your family members, deceased friends, and ancestors can be part of your spiritual team as a protective guide. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact or communicate with them. They are available to listen to you if you need them.

A little tip for you

If you are interested in communicating with your deceased family members, here is a little practical tip for you.

Your deceased family and friends love to communicate through symbols, images, animals. So to start communicating with them, build your relationship first, using concrete and tangible clue.

I hope this blog article was helpful. If you have any questions about deceased family or friends, feel free to leave your question in the comments.

Don't hesitate to contact me by email at if you have any questions, concerns or just to say hello.

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