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Spiritual dictionary: why you should have one and how to build it

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Why it is important that you build your own spiritual dictionary and above all how to do it effectively.

Today we will talk about the importance of having your own personalized spiritual dictionary.

Before delving into the topic of how to build your own spiritual dictionary, I want to explain to you first why it is important to have one.

Why build a spiritual dictionary

I always recommend having a personalized spiritual dictionary. Below you will find the two biggest advantages of owning one:

  • You can create a unique document together with your spiritual guides. I like to think of it as a special contract drawn up between you and your spirit guides. By creating this spiritual dictionary, you create an opportunity together to agree on the terms, clues, and language you use to communicate with each other. For example, if during the construction of the spiritual dictionary, the spiritual guides suggest a red apple, you can agree together that this symbol is equivalent to a certain advice, for example "you must rest."

  • It is important to create the dictionary because it holds a special value since it is valid only for you and your spiritual guides. The agreed meaning is valid only for your private communication with the spirit guides. If we take the example cited before the apple, this object represents only to you, the advice to rest. For your friend, it could mean some other advice, for example, “you are going down the wrong path.”

So the spiritual dictionary is a unique and personalized document that ensures your effective and privileged communication with your spiritual guides.

How to build your own spiritual dictionary

Personally, at the beginning, I recommend that you draw up a list of symbols, animals, objects that you usually associate with spirituality and your spiritual guides. Starting with this list, you can begin to clarify the communication between you and your spirit guides regarding the meaning of each individual object, symbol or clue.

A client of mine had dreamed of a white mouse for at least a week. She was convinced it was a definite message from her spiritual guides. Then the white mouse was included in her spiritual dictionary to define together with her guides its meaning.

Guidelines for building a spiritual dictionary

You may be wondering "Sara, how do I define the meaning of each symbol, clue, object? I don't know where to start!"

Let's go back to the example of the client. As we know, she had dreamed of a white mouse. But could a mouse mean to you? What do the spiritual guides mean by this symbol?

Here are some guidelines for building your own spiritual dictionary

  • Remember the symbol or object you dreamed of or noticed.

  • Write what it means to you without being swayed by anything or anyone. To the listener, the white mouse represents something cute, friendly. Furthermore, he had attributed a negative connotation to it: the white mouse regardless of how friendly it was, was still a mouse and therefore not a pleasant sight to have it free in the house.

  • Visit some sites or read some books and find out more meanings. You will surely find a thousand interpretations. You don't have to consider them all. Just consider what you are most interested in.

  • Write in a notebook, the meaning or meanings that interest you the most.

But your work does not end there. Now the most interesting part begins.

  • Once you have identified the symbol and given it your own meaning, pay attention to what is going on around you. Try to notice if you have any feedback on the meanings. The client - who had dreamed of the white mouse - noticed that the following day she had an argument with a friend of hers whom she considered intimate, but who turned out to be unfriendly. Then she deduced that the guides showed her the white mouse to tell her, “You are surrounded by insincere people. Be careful."

Here is a general outline of how the dictionary is built and how it can be useful to you in life.

I'm curious to know if you have already started building your dictionary, if you have symbols whose spiritual meaning you know well, or if you have doubts about some symbol. Don't hesitate to share it with me at

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